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Airfoil iconThis January becomes the ‘Month of AirPlay’ at Three days ago I wrote an article about AirParrot, an app for AirPlay mirroring MAC or Windows PC screens. At least two further articles about AirPlaying apps are planned. Today I review Airfoil for Windows 3.3.2, an Windows app for AirPlaying music or sounds (!) from a Windows PC to AirPlay Devices like iPhone, iPads,…. There’s an Airfoil for MAC, too. The installation is simple, just downloading and installing as administrator. Keep in mind potential Windows fire wall issues. In my case there were no issues.

The main feature is that you do not need to have iTunes running on your MAC or Windows/Linux PC for AirPlaying music or sounds (!) to other devices:



Additionally, there is a companion to Airfoil: Airfoil Speakers: The different apps of Airfoil Speakers turn your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (Airfoil Speakers Touch), your MAC (Airfoil Speakers for Mac), your Windows PC (Airfoil Speakers for Windows), your Linux PC (Airfoil Speakers for Linux) and, last but not least, your Android device (Airfoil Speakers for Android) into an AirPlay device. Now you are able to Airplay music from your iOS device to, e.g. your Windows PC. Just choose per double click on the home button and left turn your Airfoil Speakers from the list of AirPlay devices.

I tested it intensively on my Acer Aspire 1810T running on Windows 8 Pro with Windows 8 Media Center and, that’s really funny, you can AirPlay music, e.g., from your iPad to the Airfoil Speakers on your Windows PC and from there, stream it via Airfoil to another PC or Apple TV:



Further more, it is possible to AirPlay music to several AirPlay devices. Just click on button on the right hand side of the device’s name.

Taking everything into account, Airfoil and its companion Airfoil Speakers are great apps for people who want to AirPlay their music or sounds in any thinkable direction! Both are running on Windows 8 Pro. In my opinion, Airfoil offers for an average iDevice user too many options. You should know before purchasing Airfoil what the original AirPlay can already do.

Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    I have a Windows 7 laptop and a MacBook Pro. I purchased an Airfoil for Windows and Mac Bundel license from I use it to play music from Spotify on my Mac or Windows laptop (whichever I have at hand) and stream it to my hifi amplifier and speakers. I use the free Airfoil Speakers too. It works great, fantastic sound quality! It even has an equalizer, which works exactly like it should.


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