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miApple.me icon big 1Today I’ll give you an updated survey about my personally owned Apple products. There were some significant changes… 😉

First, on September 23, I switch from my iPhone 4 (32 GB) to a new iPhone 4S (64 GB). The speed improvement is really significant, especially if you use apps like iPhoto. Further more, I wanted to see how “Siri” works. But after testing for a while I’ve got the opinion that you can only use it if you are alone in a room because this will irritate other people if you are speaking, but not with them… 😉

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Second, on Black Friday, November 23, I ordered the new iPad 4th generation with Retina Display, 64 GB, WiFi + Cellular (61 EUR off!), including the Ligtning to SD Card Camera Reader. My first impressions are very positive, the overwhelming feature is the Retina Display. Using ,standard’ internet apps like Safari, Google Drive, etc… you do not really recognize the faster processor inside, meaning that there’s no “Wow!’-effect. But in fact you feel the better performance… ;-). One point which I didn’t expect is the weight effect: In comparison to the iPad 2, 64 GB, WiFi + 3G, the new iPad 4th generation is 49 grams heavier. And you feel this small difference significantly! I couldn’t believe that, but this is fact! I’m sure that the next iPad 5th generation will be developed in a similar way to the iPad mini: It will contain a effective, but very light-weighted rechargeable battery. My old iPad 2 is now in the hands of my wife… 😉

Third, I got rid of my Apple TV 2, substituted by my second Apple TV 3. It was a real good deal, because there are some guys who are very keen on the jailbreak-able Apple TV 2 (Apple TV 3 isn’t jailbreak-able). Take a look into miShopping, you will find a good price for the Apple TV 3 via Amazon.

Fourth, I bought another, refurbished, AirPort extreme base station (5th generation, MD031Z/A) for optimazation of my private iCloud in my home.

All together I’ve got now the following apple products:

  1. iPhone 4S, 64 GB (MD258D/A)
  2. iPad 4 WiFi + Cellular, 64 GB (4th generation, MD524FD/A)
  3. Apple TV 3 (2x, 3rd generation, MD199FD/A)
  4. AirPort extreme base station (2x, 5th generation, MD031Z/A)
  5. AirPort express station (2nd generation, MB321Z/A)
  6. AirPort express base station (3rd generation, MC414Z/A)
  7. Apple camera connection kit (MC531ZM/A)
  8. Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader (MD822ZM/A)

Stay tuned! 😉

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