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Update: PlexConnect Running On Apple TV 6.2 Update
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Update: PlexConnect Running On Apple TV 6.1 Update
Plex LogoOn February 21, 2014, Apple released the second Apple TV 6.0.2 (6646.81.1) software update. The first Apple TV 6.0.2 Update (6646.81.1) was released on November 23, 2013. It is very interesting that Apple did neither change the software version to 6.0.3 nor the detailed version from 6646.81.1 to 6646.82.1. PlexConnect is still running on Apple TV 6.0.2 (2nd and 3rd generation). I tested it right now and I can confirm it for my Acer Aspire 1810T running on Windows 8.1 Pro and my MacBook Pro 13” (Mid 2012) running on Mavericks. There was no need to change anything in the set up of  PlexConnect.

The Apple TV software version was 6.0.2 (6646.81.1) before I updated my Apple TV 3rd generation. Note: The version before was 6.0.1 (6646.80.1):

Apple TV 3rd generation before updating to Apple TV 6.0.2 dated February 21, 2014: Apple TV 6.0.2 dated November 23, 2013 installed



After updating, the Apple TV software version was still 6.0.2 (6646.81.1)!

If you are new to PlexConnect then follow the work around to get PlexConnect running on your Apple TV:

I am very delighted that PlexConnect is still running on the second Apple TV 6.0.2  update without any issues!

Stay tuned! 😉


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