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.Google Plus icon..or how to find the Google+ ‘volume control’ button of your stream:

Google+ - Finding the 'Volume Control' Button

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You can customize your Google+ home page by adjusting the flow of content from specific circles in the ‘All’ view. Click the menu that says ‘More’ at the top of your Google+ home page. Then choose a circle name from the drop down menu. Use the slider at the top of the page to adjust the quantity of content delivered from that circle to your Home page.

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iOS 6 iconAs I reported some days ago, I got severe problems in updating my iPad 2, especially with iTunes: Updating iOS 6: No Luck With Troubleshooting iTunes Match Problems

I tried it in a lot of different ways, but I was not lucky in finding a solution… But the user ‘PatFig’ in the Apple discussion forums found a solution.

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iOS 6 iconYesterday I updated my iPhone to iOS 6 without any problems. But with updating my iPad I faced some issues concerning the iTunes Match respective the iPod music app: No album covers, no real songs, but thousands songs with “0:00” Playing time. I tried it in different ways. There were no solutions. I googled for a while, but all offered solutions I found recommended to recover the iPad with the iCloud-backup. But this was a solution I did not really want to try….

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Facetime iconHi folks, on May 17th I reported about connection problems of iMessage and facetime. In the mean time my friend was at my home with her iPad and we checked it out: factime and iMessage was working without any problem with my WiFi!

For me it is the proof that the source of that problem must have something to do with a specific WiFi and its settings in conjunction with iMessage and facetime.

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ebay icon 175x175-75Shrinking of the ebay summary page is really anoying. It seems to be a problem between Safari and ebay. Up to now I collected some acceptable solutions to be able again to see these ebay-pages in “normal” size. My personal favorite is number 2 because it is on the one hand a quick solution and on the other hand I want to keep Safari because of the iCloud synchronisation of the Safari favorites (compare with 3.) and I want to see the complete summary page (compare with 4.):

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20120520-215718.jpgLast week I faced the problem with ‘Open in’ documents like pdf-files with my favorite app FTP On The Go. Some minutes before I installed some HP printer apps and after that I wanted to open a pdf-file with FTP On The Go, but this app was missed in the ‘Open in’ select menu!

As you may know in this menu up to 10 apps could be shown. Why exactly ten, nobody knows…

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20120517-091849.jpgHi folks, last week I tested iMessage and Facetime on two different iPads in my home’s WiFi and it worked perfectly, but when I tried the same to contact a friend of mine it failed. I thought that it was my friend’s personal problem because she is not so fit with iOS as I am…

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iTunes 11 iconFor a couple of months I’ve faced the problem of white pages in iTunes. Each time I opened the iTunes Store on my Windows 7 64 Bit PC (acer aspire 1810T), I got a white iTunes Store page (same to iTunes Match pages). After awhile only a few pictures arose, most of them did not, showing only a “?” instead of a picture. This trouble began with iTunes 10.x, so far I remember. I tried to downgrade to iTunes 9.x, but it showed then the same failure.

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iTunes 11 iconMaybe somebody has already encountered the same problems with iTunes in the cloud and iTunes Match as me:

You got differences between your iTunes library on your iPhone, iPad, apple TV and/or your Mac or PC. The main reason for this is the immediately and automatically starting iTunes Match in the moment you are adding songs to your iTunes library.