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PhotoSync 2.0 App Released With 2-Way Photo And Video File Transfer

PhotoSync App LogoAs you may know, I really like PhotoSync App, especially, because of the high-speed photo file transfer and the excellent and free Windows PC (running on Windows 8) and Mac (running on OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion) companions. Today PhotoSync 2.0 for iPhone and iPad (universal app) was released. I intensively tested the new version: It’s a big step ahead!

Summary: Now you’ve got 17 transfer targets to choose in contrast to 14 transfer targets in the old version. Especially, I appreciate the new SugarSync support and I think that the new SD WiFi support is appreciated by photographers, too. But the biggest new feature of PhotoSync 2.0: You are not only able to transfer photos and videos to a target, but also from a target to the PhotoSync App! PhotoSync 2.0 is already compatible with iOS 7 beta!

On the first time you start PhotoSync 2.0 you will get the following Quick Start Help on the welcome screen (later you will find it on ‘Settings’ – ‘Information’ – ‘Quick Start Help’):

Last, but not least, there are two very user-friendly features:

  • ‘Keep file names’ (–> Settings –> Expert settings –> Transfer settings: Keep file names ‘ON’) and
  • ‘Photo Edits’ (–> Settings –> Expert settings –> Photo Edits: Apply ‘ON’).

The later is a great improvement because I’m personally annoyed about the iOS camera app: If you edit a photo within that app, save the changes and if you are willing to transfer the edited photo per ‘open in’, the changes will normally NOT be transferred to other apps: The original photo is transferred. So switch ‘Photo Edits’ on and your edited photo version can be transferred.

There’s only one small negative point: After installing of PhotoSync 2.0 all settings remain except the box.net login. The reason for that is due to switching to the new BOX API. There is no way to transfer the login-data from the old to the new API.

?PhotoSync – transfer photos
?PhotoSync – transfer photos

Here is the complete PhotoSync 2.0 new feature list:

  1. Redesigned UI & better support for range selections
  2. Autotransfer: Auto-Upload new photos/videos to a predefined location, when arriving at certain locations
  3. Entering captions/titles before transfer for Facebook, Picasa, SmugMug, Zenfolio & Flickr
  4. The Photo-Library/Camera-Roll can now also be viewed in list view (with information about date/file-size and dimensions) in addition to thumbnail mode
  5. Transfer from FTP/SFTP*
  6. Transfer from WebDAV
  7. Transfer from box.net
  8. Transfer from Dropbox
  9. Transfer from Facebook
  10. Transfer from Flickr
  11. Transfer from Google Drive
  12. Transfer from Google+/Picasa
  13. Transfer from SkyDrive
  14. Transfer from SmugMug
  15. Transfer from SugarSync
  16. Transfer from Zenfolio
  17. Transfer from Toshiba FlashAir Card
  18. Transfer from Transcend Wi-Fi Card
  19. View photos on box.net
  20. View photos on Dropbox
  21. View photos on SugarSync
  22. View photos/videos on FTP/SFTP*
  23. View photos/videos on WebDAV
  24. View photos/videos on Facebook
  25. View photos/videos on Flickr
  26. View photos/videos on Google Drive
  27. View photos/videos on Google+/Picasa
  28. View photos/videos on SkyDrive
  29. View photos/videos on SmugMug
  30. View photos/videos on Zenfolio
  31. View photos/videos on Toshiba FlashAir Card
  32. View photos/videos on Transcend Wi-Fi Card
  33. PhotoSync remembers what has been transferred now for all albums instead of just the Camera Roll (Transfer New for all albums)
  34. Photo-Edits (Crop, auto enhance, filters) that have been done in the Photos App, can now be applied to the Original File before Transfer (this feature needs to be activated in Expert-Settings)
  35. Receive photos/videos from Computer/iOS Device in background (up to 10 minutes)
  36. Multiple configurations for FTP/SFTP* and WebDAV
  37. Selection from multiple predefined target directories, when sending to Mac/PC
  38. Selection of Aperture target project & iPhoto target Album before transfer
  39. Select a target album or create a new album when transferring from iOS to iOS device
  40. Entering captions/titles before transfer for Facebook, Google+/Picasa, 500px, SmugMug, Zenfolio & Flickr
  41. Flickr albums/sets can now be created before transfer
  42. Open Photos/Videos from Viewer in other apps
  43. Improved notifications when transferring in the background
  44. Improved progress display when receiving from iOS Device/computer
  45. Print photos from viewer
  46. Streaming of Videos in Web-Sharing-Mode
  47. Manual IP-address entry, when sending to Computer / iOS Device
  48. Performance Improvements

Note: *The Time-Capsule only supports the AFP and SMB file protocols. PhotoSync supports WebDAV, FTP/SFTP, but not AFP/SMB yet. This means you cannot sign in with a Time Capsule or an Airport Station with a Hard Drive attached. This is still the sole weak point of PhotoSync 2.0!

These are really impressive improvements! Or what do you think? Is there something missing?

Stay tuned! 😉

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